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White linen is the way to go!

By Simon Hemmings 1 years ago 658 Views No comments

Refreshing your guest rooms can be a big deal, the finish can seriously influence a potential guest's opinion of your property before they even arrive, but relax, it doesn't need to be a complicated exercise.

Simply strip off the old-fashioned, coloured duvet covers and replace them with lovely self-stripe white ones - complete the picture with a Actil Sateen Stripe Duvetcolourful throw or blanket folded across the bottom half of the bed and complete the picture with matching cushions. This is such an easy change and what a difference it can make to the whole room! A simple refresh like this can favourably improve a guest’s impression of your accommodation and what they are happy to pay. If your rooms are in need of a fresh approach, this look can be achieved very simply without breaking the bank.

Check out our Actil Commercial Self-Stripe Duvet Covers— beautiful white 250 thread count 52/48 easy-care Polycotton—a similar duvet cover is available in the Sheridan range but it is a 1200 thread count and costs hundreds of dollars—it is very hard for a layman to tell the difference, and prices start at $42* for a Single through to $67* for a King!

You can add a splash of colour with one of our many throws, blankets and/or cushions, from pure wool to lovely cotton. Your guests will be impressed with the revitalised fresh room decor and will make positive comments to influence future guests. Find the perfect accompaniment to your self-stripe white duvet in our throws category or cushion category. One of our most popular is the Espresso Feather and Down Blankets by Fairydown.

Self-Stripe White Duvet Cover + Colourful Cushion + Textured Throw = Stunning new room feel.

Super simple. Cost effective.

Caring for Your Towels

By Commercial Supplies 2 years ago 1852 Views No comments

It’s a common dilemma for accommodation providers – do we use white or coloured towels? Most operators will have tried both scenarios at some stage and will have formed their own opinion, but following are some points that may help you reach a decision on which to use in your property.

Split Beds Made Simple

By Commercial Supplies 2 years ago 45968 Views 1 comment

One of the commonest points of confusion that we encounter when customers are choosing bedding is what size a bed is once it has been split.

There are two common sizes of bed that split – an NZ King and an NZ Super King. Approximate measurements for these two sizes are: NZ King – 167x203cm and NZ Super King – 183x203cm (depending on make).

How Comfy Are Your Beds?

By Commercial Supplies 6 years ago 3528 Views No comments

Goldilocks loved a soft bed and guests these days are being spoilt at home with luxurious “pillowtop” mattresses that softly cradle and support their bodies without pressure so when they sleep in a commercial-style “hotel” bed, it can seem like they are sleeping on a board!

So what can you do make their stay with you more comfy that isn’t going to cost an arm and a leg but will make your beds leave an impression for all the right reasons?

Choosing the Right Quilt

By Commercial Supplies 6 years ago 17293 Views No comments

The type of quilt you use on your guest’s bed will have a direct impact on how well they sleep. Whether you are using the quilt as part of a “third sheet system”, as an extra “continental blanket” under a bedspread or as a duvet inner, you need to understand that each type will give varying degrees of warmth, comfort, hypo-allergenic qualities and ease of care.

Introducing Microfibre Sheets

By Commercial Supplies 7 years ago 4876 Views No comments

We are always on the lookout for linen products that will make life easier for our customers and when details of a new sheet range arrived on our desk recently, we were immediately on alert! With huge rises in the price of cotton over the last year which impacted heavily on the finished cost of sheets and pillowcases, we knew that we were on the lookout for something that was price effective whilst at the same time being easy care in a good range of colours.

In search of a crease free sheet?

By Commercial Supplies 7 years ago 5131 Views No comments

The eighth wonder of the world will surely be a crease-free sheet – there are certainly enough people in the hospitality industry searching for such a thing!

The addition of polyester to the cotton mix (polycotton) reduces creasing but the majority of B&B and lodge operators prefer to offer their guests 100% cotton sheets for that extra touch of luxury. It is a sad fact though that cotton sheets do crease.

Don’t let bad smells affect your occupancy levels

By Commercial Supplies 7 years ago 3488 Views No comments

Everyone in the accommodation business knows the cost of having a room out of action because a guest has decided to smoke or has cooked a meal of fish or curry in their unit. No amount of fragrances sprayed around will move the smell – it infiltrates the bedding, pillows, carpets, curtains – and the room can take days of airing before it can be put back online.

A quick and easy way to clear the odour without using chemicals or fragrances is by running an ozone generating machine for a few hours. Ozone is enriched oxygen – it adds an atom to oxygen (O2 ), making it O3. Basically, this extra atom seeks out the odour and eliminates it quickly and efficiently.

Guests you don't want - Bed Bugs!

By Commercial Supplies 7 years ago 3385 Views No comments

The very sound of these two tiny words can send shivers up the spine of any accommodation provider. They’ve made the news, they’ve been a storyline on Shortland Street and they are alive and well right now in beds in New Zealand. They aren’t choosy about how they travel – first-class or cattle-class – it doesn’t worry them. They love to hitch-hike in luggage and on clothing.

So what can you do to prevent your property becoming a victim?

The Mystery of Triple Sheeting

By Commercial Supplies 8 years ago 14005 Views No comments

Has all this talk about “third sheets” and “triple sheeting” left you a bit bewildered?

Using the “triple sheeting” method simply means that you are using your normal sheets (2 x flat sheets or 1 x fitted and 1 x flat sheet), topping that with a warmth layer (usually a quilt or duvet inner), and then finishing that off with a “top sheet”.

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