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Choosing the Right Quilt

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Cotton quilts are naturally breathable and a 230gsm fill will be a great alternative to 1-2 cotton blankets. Be sure that the cotton quilt you choose is easy care and machine washable.

A wool filled quilt is suitable for year round use. Wool does not conduct heat and maintains the body at an even temperature which helps promote undisturbed sleep. A fill of 500gsm will be the equivalent warmth of 2-3 blankets. Be sure to look for the New Zealand or Australian Woolmark label. Wool quilts take a bit more looking after – you will need to air and shake them regularly and they will need to be dry cleaned.

Microfibre is a modern alternative to down and feather. It has the advantage of being hypo-allergenic , is anti-microbial, odourless and dust mite resistant which is great for allergy sufferers. Ultra thin fibres create quilts that are soft, light weight, long lasting, easy care and can be machine washed and tumble dried.

Top quality Microfibre quilts are now available with stitched “boxed ends” which help keep them in place and make housekeeping fast and easy. They are light but warm and very comfortable to sleep under - guests just love them.”

Down and feather is a natural product harvested from duck and geese. Feathers add loft and weight to a quilt, whilst soft, light, fluffy down acts as a natural insulator. The more down content in a quilt, the warmer but lighter it is. Down and feather quilts need to be aired and fluffed regularly and will need to be dry cleaned. A 50/50 down and feather quilt will be equivalent to 2-3 blankets, whilst an 85/15 will be equivalent to 3-4 blankets.

So what does all this mean to you in your accommodation business? Firstly you need to decide whether you want a quilt that will used all year round, ie wool or microfibre, or whether you will use one type in winter, say down and feather, and change to a lighter type, perhaps cotton, in the warmer months. This brings into question how much storage space you have available although you can easily vacuum pack bulky quilts so that they are a fraction of their original size. Enviro-friendly properties will need to choose one of the natural fills. On the other hand, if you have a high turnover of guests and need a quilt that you can launder quickly whilst being hypo-allergenic , you can’t go past microfibre.

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