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Introducing Microfibre Sheets

By Commercial Supplies 7 years ago 4046 Views No comments

We are excited to report that this new range of Soft Microfibre Sheets ticks all the right boxes. Not only will the colour range, which includes a lovely bright Sky Blue, Linen, Navy and Purple, plus the very reasonable pricing appeal to hostel/backpacker/holiday park operators, but the added bonus that the sheets are microfibre means they are easy care and wrinkle resistant.

Microfibre is a revolutionary polyester fibre made from thousands of incredibly ultra-fine fibres that measure less than 0.01 denier – compare that to a strand of human hair at 20 denier! First developed in the 1960s, microfibre is used to make clothing, for insulation, basketballs and is probably best known for its use in a huge range of cleaning cloths and gloves that do not need to be used with chemicals to achieve the perfect clean.

Microfibre is so fine that it traps a lot of air, creating a filling that’s exceptionally warm, soft and light, so when used in a duvet, boxed end quilt or pillow, it actually feels like down. The advantage is that because it’s synthetic, it’s non-allergenic, making it perfect for allergy sufferers and children.

Personal experience and reports from our commercial customers tell us that our microfibre boxed end quilts and bedcaps wash and dry really quickly and our testing has shown that these new sheets come out of the washing machine surprisingly soft, dry and wrinkle-free – a quick tumble and they are ready to put on the bed!

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