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Deck out your commercial kitchen with chopping boards that your professional kitchen staff need to provide a top-notch dining experience.

Our restaurant chopping boards are made from premium teak, offering a touch of luxury to your commercial operation.

Perfect for preparing delicious meals, our wooden chopping boards are functional and versatile, and will prove a surefire hit with kitchen staff.

These chopping boards are also durable and simple to maintain, and they look great too, which makes them a great serving option for customers. A burger and fries or a cheese spread will look fantastic atop one of these chopping boards.

And be sure to match our bulk chopping boards with beautiful serveware, premium pots and pans or everything your operation needs.

Browse great, affordable chopping boards online today. For every $50 your company spends, receive a Reward point. Save your points and get up to 50% off your next purchase.

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